No Matter The Path, Earning A College Degree Is Worth It!

September 12, 2011

The decision to go to college isn’t easy. Getting all the pieces of your life in place to support the time and effort needed to focus on earning your degree can seem overwhelming. When the path to college seems too convoluted and it feels easier to stick where you are, I think it’s helpful to get a good shot of inspiration. For example, this fantastic guest blog post by Richard V. Hurley to the Washington Post’s College Inc. blog recounts his unconventional path to becoming a college president. From a factory job to a stint in the Army to a job as a full-time gas station attendant – not to mention balancing home life with a wife and child – Hurley paints a very inspirational story as he shares his path to achieving his dreams. As I shared in a recent blog post about chasing your dreams, it’s never too late to take the leap and enroll in college! Sometimes the hardest path is the one that leads to the greatest reward.

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